Core Curriculum


Our  students learn Hindi in a multi-level classes that provide instruction in speaking, reading and writing. Advanced levels include comprehension and interpretation of a variety of literary texts in Hindi. Our curriculum goals are for students to learn Hindi by :

  • Knowing vocabulary
  • Reading & writing Hindi
  • Learning grammar
  • Be able to translate
  • Take part in conversation

Review our Language Syllabus


Cultural classes focus on the diverse cultural traditions, practices and history of Indian within a secular context. From storytelling to engaging in discussions about contemporary India, children are exposed to a complex and multi-layered cultural heritage. HARI cultural classes do not promote any one particular religious tradition. Rather, our goal is to provide a secular understanding that recognizes and respects the rich diversity that composes Indian culture. Topics include:

  • Festivals of India
  • Political and spitual leaders
  • Geography
  • Regions of India
  • Cultural aspects of Regions
  • Political system
  • Visual & Performing Arts – Dance, Music, Theatre, Film
  • Sports
  • Art & Architecture

Cultural teachers are typically Indian American students from the Rhode Island community. Given the shared cultural background, HARI students can connect meaningfully with these young, energetic teachers. The cultural classes promote a learning approach that is instructive, interactive, and enjoyable.

Review our Culture Syllabus

Academic Information
Class Placements

Student placement in Language class levels are based on students familiarity and skill with Hindi. Culture class placements are typically by age of the student.

Weekly Quiz

A Weekly quiz is administered by the language teacher as a Hindi vocabulary-building exercise.  The Quiz is posted weekly on the website Wednesday before class. All students that successfully complete the weekly quiz will receive a surprise incentive at the school graduation.

Final Exams

Final Exams are administered at the end of each semester via a written and oral test. Each language teacher will post test requirement before exams.

Graduation Requirement

Students will be moved to the next level of language and culture class passed on proficiency and age levels.

Report Cards and Parent-Teacher Conferences

A Parent-Teacher Conference is held at the end of semester after the final exam to discuss report cards and student progress.  A parent can request a meeting with the teacher at any time during the year to discuss student progress.